31 January 2008

Busy little bee.

Guess what Shane's making.

24 January 2008

This Just In.

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Doug was in the Heat Magazine. And he's dating Amy Winehouse. And he's got a heroin problem. And he's a bad father. And he escaped from rehab. And he has sex parties with Doogie Howser and the kid from the Sixth Sense. And he's engaged to Britney Spears.

22 January 2008

Shirt Per Show!

2008 ain't it great.

Here's what I'm doing this year: making a hand-made shirt for every show we do. So if you care, you can check back after each show and see the amazing shirt that I make.

Enjoy, and if you want - you make your own shirt and I'll post the good ones up here.



Here's my first shirt, made entirely from weird big sequins and fabric glue and a black shirt from Mr Price.