28 March 2006

Desmond In Your Pocket!

Email Us and you could be having your very own rock show in the comfort of your own home! Boy, would your friends think you're neat! Bar Mitzvah? Baby Shower? Braai? We'll rock anywhere!

Take some new material while you're here.

Desmond & The Tutus - Peter
Desmond & The Tutus - Old Girls

Covers For Charity!

Yip, that's right. You heard me. Want Desmond to cover your favourite song? Donate R100 to The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and we'll do it. Don't worry we're not some kind of weird covers band now, but this should be fun.


24 March 2006

All In A Day's Work.

So, the Blues Room gig went well. No that's an understatement. It went lank well. Very well. Just a bit of a pity that Danny from Sheer Music wasn't there to watch us. He was supposed to come and see us play to find out whether we're cool enough to open for Ben Lee when he comes to South Africa. But apparently he only wants acoustic acts and obviously we rock too hard. Too much rock 'n roll.

As I was saying, the Blues Room show went swimmingly. Partly because we rule, partly because everyone else does not. Unfortunately there aren't any photos though. Angie's camera is broken. Angie is the girl that takes all the photo's of us. She takes photo's of other things too. Go have a look at her photo's here.

If you checked us out on Wednesday night, thanks a lot.

The Elixa Band played too.
So did Obita.
And Kindred. Okay.
Some others too, but whatever.

13 March 2006

Come Clap Along With Desmond & The Tutus!

I promise we don't suck.

08 March 2006

Live @ Lonely Finger!

So if you're in South Africa then you've heard of lonelyfinger.com

So he had a party and we played.