29 December 2007

Rollercoaster CPT

Thanks Cape Town for a nice time and thanks these guys for the nice pictures.

06 December 2007

Hello Durban!

Yip, this December sees our first (and the first of many, we can assure you) show in Durban. So all you beach bum Durban jollers, get on your dancing flip flops, put on a shirt for the occasion, come through and we'll rock the night into a coma.

I Want To KISS You On The Cheek!

In case you missed it, we dressed up as Kiss for Halloween this year. It was awesome as you can see.

Pictures! Tings!

Pictures! 88!

15 November 2007


Okay, he apologised. That was nice of him, so nice in fact that I'm donating a bunch of money to his home. They'll cure you yet little guy!

I guess we were wrong.

31 October 2007


UPDATE - You can now buy these and more amazing Desmond shirts off our brilliant little Zazzle store. How web 2.0 are we?

Okay jollers, the moment you have all been waiting for. A bunch of new Desmond shirts.

They are R150 each including postage and packaging and love and it'll take a day or two to get to you.

We've got smalls and mediums in everything. No larges or XXLs or XXXLs or XXXXXXXLs (sorry Barry Ronge).

Hurry up and order before you're sad and disappointed and shirtless.

Click here to email through your order.

Also, feel free to peruse our extensive merchandise catalog for all the Desmond & The Tutus products on the market.

PS: Gina why are you so nice?

PPS: If you like the necklace Gina is wearing, you can get it from here.

29 October 2007

Hate Mail! Yeah!

Last week I received some hate mail. I know what you're thinking, "That's awesome! You know you're hitting the big time when you're getting hate mail!" Ja, it wasn't that awesome. Please read on.

At 1:08am, Friday morning (presumably after waking up in a mixture of Strawberry Pops and his own vomit) he sent me this SMS:

u think ur SO innovative but frank black was/is WAY ahead of u - ur actuali sad!

Thanks for pointing out that the lead singer of the Pixies, one of the greatest bands of our or any time, was (and 'is' mind you) better than me. I hate to break it to you Pixies fan but the only thing Frank Black is innovative at doing these days is eating. No wonder the rest of the band hates him, they're all missing body parts thanks to him.

A little later, at 1:11am, he sent a little reiteration:

ie - if you didn't get it - ur lame & pathetic & SO last season - GET OVER IT! (& ESPECIALLY urself)

Cool, I think you made your point in the first SMS but thanks for clearing it up. Just to make sure that we're on the same page here, what you want me to understand is that I'm lame and pathetic AND so last season? That's quite a combo, I feel like I was just Fatality'd by the gay Scorpio in some retarded game of Mortal Kombat.

Anyway, after a lot of research and number tracing and serious CSI zooming into photo jolling I finally found out who the culprit is. It's this little guy in the photo below.

Shame little guy.

Here's his number - 084 513 9430.

Why don't you send the little fellow a word of encouragement, a quick little note to say something like 'Hey man, it's okay! You're different and that's ALRIGHT! If you reach for the stars, and believe in yourself you can achieve your goals, you can do anything a normal person can. You can be somebody you weird little retard psycho guy you.'

30 August 2007

Little Bitty Pretty One

Out of 10, just how cute is this little cutey-patooty?

Free Time.

Hire Desmond & The Tutus to do splits on the roof of your house while downloading pornography to your dad's work laptop TODAY!

29 August 2007

Pictures! Carfax!

Hi, thanks for coming! See you on Friday at 88!