31 March 2009


So after a long day of googling ourselves (you know that's all we sit around and do) we found out that this guy named our Tuckshop 25th best album of 2008. 'Officially' better than Beck's Modern Guilt and Bloc Party's Intimicy. Hey if it's on the internet it must be true!

25 March 2009

Apricot Jam Remix and J.Gomez goes Deep!

Two more remixes have rolled in, and we got a bit lazy with this blog so it took us a while to upload them but that doesn't mean they're any less deserving of being heard by the 15-odd people that actually visit our blog.

Some friends cooked this crazy little electro number up.

DJ BJ & Jizzylebig - Good & Guilty (Apricot Jam)

And another friend took Kiss You on the Cheek and deepened it up almost beyond recognition, but hey if that's what you're into!

J.Gomez G.Family - Kiss You on the Cheek

Make your own remix by downloading the seps here, or just listen to what everyone else is doing and click here!

24 March 2009

How Overseas Are We?

Yip we're back from our 'world tour' (please note inverted commas) and back to our boring lives. Here are some clips from the glory days.

19 March 2009

Peter 7" Out Now on Every Conversation Records!

So, a little while ago these crazy Japanese guys called us up. Yada yada yada the Peter 7" is now out!

Very limited edition apparently, so if you want one you'd better go here or here and get one before they're all gone!

1. Peter
2. High Fives

And also out now is 'It's Great Not to Care', a compilation by another Tokyo-based label called 'Big Love' and if you want to get your hands on that, click here or here now!