27 July 2006

Live @ The Bohemian!

Okay, so if you're like us. You feel like Desmond & The Tutus hasn't played in like a million years. But do not dispair, because we're back from the dead and we're ready to rock 'n rule. See you chaps there.

By the way, David Shriggly totally designed the poster for us. Who's that you say? He's a famous international designer you uncultured baffoons! Google him.

20 July 2006

Hey! Look! Famous! Wow! Yeah!

So, in case you're like us and you thought everyone in the world hated your favourite Rock 'n Rule band, then you're probably sort of right but it's nice when things like this happen.

So apart from Tony spelling my name ESS AICH AYE EYE ENN instead of ESS AICH AYE ENN EEE and using the worst possible photos of human beings ever, it's pretty cool.

Our interview on JHBlive.

17 July 2006

Design & The Tutus

Pictures! Pictures! Pretty pretty pictures! Design us a gig poster that we can use at our next show and email it to us and if we like your handywork more than we like Doug's groundbreaking work of genius [above] then we'll use it and you'll get a prize. A prize that you will like, we promise.