29 August 2006

Party Time @ Xtreme Cosmic Bowling Alley!

You know it's going to be serious party time! Click here for details and directions and what not.

15 August 2006

Genius? A Little Bit Maybe.

So, as many of you know - Craig (the drums guy) is completing his Matric stifikate this year. So, obviously, here at desmondandthetutus.blogspot.com we're all a bunch of gambling addicts and we'll turn anything into a chance to give crap away. The winner will receive an awesome Desmond & The Tutus T-shirt, or anything else from our extensive merchendise catalog.

The question is simple: How well do you think Craig is going to do in Maths? Leave your answer and an email address in the comments and when he's done, the winner will be the person that guesses the closest answer.

14 August 2006

Rock 'n Rule. Yeah!

So if you were there on Friday night, thanks for coming - we had fun, we know you had fun and we all know that old guy in the beret had the most fun any human being has ever had in his whole life ever.

PS: Keep the 8th of September open - it's going to rule!