30 June 2008

Peter (Cutout Collective Analogue Vs Digital Mix)

Here's another remix, this one done by Johannesburg bitsy bytesy laptop lads Cutout Collective.

Desmond & The Tutus - Peter (Cutout Collective Analogue Vs Digital Mix)

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Kiss You On The Cheek (Cobra Krames Club Mix)

To celebrate the fact that our album's finally done, we've decided it's time to release the hounds. By hounds of course we mean remixes.

If you'll think back a couple months, we posted the seps up for every- and anyone that wanted to add their own little spin to the Desmo jive. So the remixes have been rolling in and we're only posting up the ones that we like; because well, it's our bandwidth and we'll cry if we want to.

Without further adue, here's something cooked up by Cobra Krame$.

Desmond & The Tutus - Kiss You on the Cheep (Cobra Krames Club Mix)

Visit Cobra Krame$ Myspace by clicking here. And click here if you'd like to download the seps to your favourite Desmond & The Tutus song and do your own little remixio.

We'll be posting a new remix every day or two till the launch parties, so bookmark this link and don't miss a single slightly out of time remixed beat.

18 June 2008


Here's an old shirt from a show we did not long ago at Tings n Times. Party on.