30 March 2008

April Party Time!

Can I get a woop woop? Why a woop woop I hear you ask? Well because in April, our new friends The Wailing Jimis are coming up from Cape Town to do two shows with us and our other new friends the utterly amazing Attila & The Honeys.

So make sure you're at a show near you that weekend. Friday the 18th at 88 in Norwood, JHB. Saturday the 19th at Tings & Times, PTA. See you and your lonely little itchy feet there.

26 March 2008

Remix Time!

Are you one of those people that sort of enjoys Desmond & The Tutus but secretly wishes we were a flamenco death metal trance fusion band or a Swedish techno rave outfit? Well then, boy have we got news for you!

As you probably know, if you're really as cool as you say you are, our album is coming out soon. And as a sort of a celebration we're posting up the separates for just about every song on the album for you to remix into whatever style of music you secretly wish we played.

So, download the seps to any of the following songs right here right now - do a remix, email it back to us, and you (yes you) could soon be basking in the light of the glory and fame that comes with having your remix posted on a blog that gets an average daily readership of 0.3 people! Hellz yeah!

And now for the separates.

Crazy Rebel
Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer
Bup Pah
Old Girls
Kiss You On The Cheek
Head To The Side
Good & Guilty

Bookmark this link and check back every now and then for any new remixes we'll be posting up.

14 March 2008

Shirts! The Assembly!

The third installment in my ShirtPerShow series for this year, I made this little beauty for our show at the Assembly not so long ago. Iron-on wolf and letters on black Mr Price t-shirt.

Thanks to the beautiful boys at We Are Awesome for the picture. You should be looking at there website.

09 March 2008

Minor Disagreements! Peter! Music Video!

As a lot of you know, us and our best pal band kidofdoom have done a little 2 part mini series combo-music video as part of the Levi's Young Guns showcase we were involved in last year.

So before you go watch the videos, we'd like to give the following people a massive thank you for all the time, effort and energy you guys put in to make these happen: director Leigh Ogilvie and her producer Michelle Kruger at Frieze Films, editor Sakkie Burg and his team at Left and DOP extraordinarie Willie Nel.

Of course, the videos are packed with surprise cameos from the most obscure celebrities from the Johannesburg / Pretoria disco punk scene - see how many you can spot! Fun!

First the kidofdoom video:

And now, the Desmond & The Tutus video: