23 December 2009


Yes, we drove all the way to Cape Town to do one gig. Check out our adventure here.

22 December 2009

Nice Big Cape Town Party.

Hey dudes and dudettes, we did a pretty sweet show in Cape Town last weekend at The Assembly. Thanks to all you guys that came out to jive, it made for an excellent last gig of the year.

As usual the dudes from We-Are-Awesome were there being, well, awesome and taking totally sweet pictures. Above are some select moments of photographic genius, click here for the whole album and here for the rest of their stuff.

Tomorrow I'll post some of our own pictures from the weekend.

05 December 2009

Japan Launch!

Here's a little snap from our launch in Japan, unfortunately we weren't able to fly over for the fun, maybe for LP2!

Thanks Flake Records for the release! Thanks all the remixers for putting such a cool little spin on our songs! And thanks all our Japanese pals for enjoying the Tuckshop!

PS: Check out the 80Kidz remix of Kiss You On The Cheek here!