30 May 2009

New toys. New songs. New practice space.

Pictures! UK Tour

Hey I just uploaded a bunch of picture from our UK tour to our Flickr page, go check them out why don't you!

04 May 2009

Woods Street Party: An Apology

Hi friends.

To everyone that came to check us out at The Woods Street Party on Saturday, thanks a million, it was awesome to see you again.

Please accept our humblest apology for the unprofessional show.

Believe us when we say that we do our very best to put on the best show possible every time we play. So it really breaks our little hearts when we are told that the schedule is running two and half hours late, and that we're not going to get a soundcheck, and that the band before us is playing an hour and a half long set, and that the sound guys are running the power cables straight through the 1000+ crowd, and that we've got to cut our set down to 25 minutes when we had planned to play a bunch of brand new songs.

So again, we're sorry. And we'll make up for it soon. We promise. How does a new EP sound? Soon, my pretties, soon.

In the meantime, here's a video of Adrian Levi to cheer you up.

New merch, new tour, new EP, new everything. Keep your beedy little eyes peeled! x