28 January 2010

The Hottest Box

So on the 27th of January we played our first gig of 2010 at the brilliant new live music venue in Pretoria - Hotbox Studios. Angie was there with her sneaky little camera and took some sneaky little snaps, click on the images above to see them bigger...

This weekend we're playing an all ages show in Johannesburg - check out Desperate Youths & Bloodthirsty Babes on Facebook.

21 January 2010

Q & A

PS - Click on the picture to enlarge!

A little while ago we are asked by Locally Whipped magazine to interview CrashCarBurn, a pretty well known band from Johannesburg and be interviewed by them. Here's the result. Pity they left out our best questions, so here are the outtakes! And CrashCarBurn, if you're reading this, you're still welcome to answer them!

Do you think there's any chance we could be friends? Like, we could hang at eachothers' houses, send eachother funny SMSs, plan fun group activities for the weekends, like a camping trip, I've got a tent and everything.

Your band name is quite scary. Discuss.
Okay, the CrashCarBurn tourbus is hurtling down the highway at 130kmph, ahead of you is the Desmond & The Tutus tourcorolla - broken down on the side of the highway. Can we have a lift back to Pretoria? Come on, it looks so spacious in there and, wait, is that Kanye West in there? Come on, it's like 32degrees out here, please guys. Oh and can we borrow some money?

What do you think of our band? Not bad hey?

10 January 2010

Look what I found!

Back in 2007 after we recorded the first version of our album Tuckshop (which we ended up scrapping, long story) we sent some seps to our good old pal Paul Holden, who you may know as the King of Town. A little while later he sent us this crazy cool remix of our song Pictures.

Desmond & The Tutus - Pictures (King of Town Nite Version)

Since then a lot has happened, as you know Paul's epic remix of Kiss You On The Cheek became world famous when the dudes at Tigersushi found it and released a nice little 12" single of it, Paul has moved to London and his remixes of The Detachments, Phenomenal Handclap Band, They Came From the Stars We Saw Them oh and Franz Ferdinand are securing him a spot in DJ history!

Check out all his remixes and stuff here at the King of Town Soundcloud page. Become a King of Town fan at his Facebook fan page. And purchase a copy of the Kiss You On the Cheek single from Tigersushi or online at Beatport.