30 July 2008

Remix! Richard III Mixes

Johannesburg-based Richard The Third sent us two great remixes, he totally electrofied our two sweetest, cutest songs!

Desmond & The Tutus - Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer (Richard III Mix)
Desmond & The Tutus - Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend (Richard III Mix)

His mix of Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend will appear on his first full length album, Third World From The Sun. Check Richard out at his Facebook goody, you can listen to some other tracks from his album and maybe tell him that we say hi.

Remix Time! Crazy Rebel (Gaetan Remix)

Straight outta France, electro crunk DJ Gaetan whipped up this massive electrobanger remix of 'Crazy Rebel'.

Desmond & The Tutus - Crazy Rebel (Gaetan Remix)

Go here and remix a Desmond & The Tutus song of your choice. Check out all the remixes by clicking here. Tell Gaetan how awesome you think he is at his myspace.

16 July 2008

Keyboard Rebel Remix & Cover

There are Desmond & The Tutus Kids scattered all over the world, and the latest remix comes from some Manchester natives, our good internets pals, Keyboard Rebel.

They've remixed an old favourite that didn't end up on the album after all.

Desmond & The Tutus - Bup Pah (Keyboard Rebel)

And! As a special little bonus surprise for all you purist Desmond kids, the Rebels threw together this tasty little number - a cover of another classic Desmond & The Tutus track that also didn't make it onto the album.

Keyboard Rebel - Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend

Here's the nice little story behind how this cover came into being, as told by Mike Bray of Keyboard Rebel.

"Thought you might like this one as well. Just had it through from our sound engineer, he blagged us some extra time when we were in the plush studio he works at, but only on the proviso that we use it to lay down a version of this, his favourite Desmonds song. A couple of hours later sat at a massive piano and a ridiculous old-school organ, voila.."

Why don't you go to Keyboard Rebel's myspace or their record label's website and buy their very nice album? Go there now.