26 April 2006

You Know That I Know That You Wish You Knew Us Better.

So you know Desmond & The Tutus, right? But do you really know Desmond & The Tutus? Here are some little known facts about everybody's favourite party nerds.

There is no ‘I’ in awesome. But there is only one ‘S’ and that ‘S’ doesn’t stand for ‘sandwiches’. It stands for ‘Shane’, bitches. If you like awesome, you’ve come to the right place. Shane sweats awesome, then he collects it in a bucket and drinks his awesome back again – hereby multiplying his awesome every time he rocks because every time he rocks he sweats. The circle of life of awesome continues.

Doug T is awesome. And when you come watch Desmond & The Tutus you’ll understand why. Is it the sidepath? Maybe. Is it the obsession with home-made weapons? Possibly. Is the indescribably awesome sensation that runs over your special love parts when he strums his axe? Oh yes.

Craig is quite possibly the most awesome drummer that you will ever be exposed to in your entire life. Even you Goths that hate to be happy and hate to dance to happy music, Craig will make you dance. Then he'll make you cry for dancing so hard but then he'll make you dance away your sadness so you'll be fine in the end.

If awesome was a species of cow, Nic would be the farmer – milking those cows for every little drop of awesome that their awesome glands could produce. Then does he drink that awesome? No, he puts it in a swimming pool and swims around in it till it becomes awesome cheese. Then he eats it with ham and white bread, and washes it down with a cup of Shane’s sweat. Yum.

21 April 2006

And... Let's Rock.

Yes. It went well. Thank you for coming. Thank you for buying a T-shirt. Thank you for dancing. You rule so much. See you on Saturday.

18 April 2006

Live @ MCFF!

Come and watch Desmond & The Tutus on Saturday night! Come along, it'll be fun because there will be movies playing too. So even if you hate us, you'll have a good time.

Moonlight Cinema Film Festival

And He saw that we rocked and He saw that it was awesome.

09 April 2006

You Want Desmond?

Promoters! Romans! Countrymen! The Desmond & The Tutus Digital Press Pack is here. Everything you need to know about Desmond & The Tutus and some awkwardly irrelevent details.

View here.
Download SWF here.
Download standalone application here. [PC] [Mac]

Download our demos here!

06 April 2006

You! Get Your Socks Off! Let's Rock!

Get on the guestlist. Email Us!

Post Rock 'n Roll Trauma.

So Nile went pretty well. There was a lot of rocking going on, a lot of dancing, and a lot of other stuff. Like singing along and clapping. Not to mention Craig stepping out from behind the drums to join us for a dance solo in the front.

There were some other bands playing too. Bands that no one should ever have to hear. They were so unhappy, and angry. Maybe it's because their moms shouted at them for not tidying up their rooms before they went to rock. I think their name was 'The Death Jockeys Of Murder Kill Hatred'. Try to avoid them.

There are some photo's that I'll add later. Sarah took them with a disposable camera. Wow. Old school. Thanks for coming to watch us if you were there, means a lot to all of us.

We're playing The Blues Room again on the 19th April. Try and come if you're around.

05 April 2006


Because Desmond & The Tutus is playing at Nile Crocodile tonight!

I know it's late notice, but come along anyway. It'll be fun. I swear.