13 March 2007

Live @ London Calling!

Come on, just come and dance. You know all they'll be playing at Secret is childishly hard electro so come and boogie on down to some good old rock 'n roll music.

Directions Here.

Hey You! Buy a T-Shirt!

Look how cool this guy is, and although it's probably the fact that he's been running around in the snow in only a t-shirt - we like to attribute his coolness to that amazing t-shirt. So go on, buy one.

Or buy something else from our extensive merchendise catalogue!

09 March 2007

Mexico Or Broke.

That's our little Doug. Complete with government-induced car-guard tan and everything. Isn't he a pretty little picture?

07 March 2007

Wow. GQ.

So, apart from the fact that we're sittinghere making the bestest darn rock 'n roll you'll ever hear in our sleep, we're also lank lank lank good looking. Which is obviously why GQ couldn't resist doing a thing on us.

We're fashion and if you want to be fashion too, read GQ.