29 November 2006

24 November 2006

Good Idea

Hey, maybe we should start something like this with these guys.

This is priceless.

22 November 2006

Unplugged? What? Are you serious?

So, unplugged... That should be quite something right?

And it's in Pretoria of all places, at The Intimate Theatre at the State Theatre (click for directions).

Who says you can't jive while sitting down. We'll show you.

RSVP to Loraine on 073 162 3748 and be there at 6:30 for 7.

05 November 2006

As It Turns Out, It's Totally Been Done Before.

We thought we were SO original but it turns out that lank people have done Ninja Turtles before, but be honest - we totally killed these chumps. I mean, look at them. Shame.

If you stuck it out on Friday night, thanks. We all had fun and it looked like all of you had a whale of a time. Catch you beeyotches on the 24th at Back2Basix.

01 November 2006

Bohemian Dance-A-Thon!

Radical, see you chaps there!

Turtle Power!