29 July 2009

Urban Electric! 1 August!

We're playing at Urban Electric this Saturday, crazy nice line up. Be there! We're up at 23:30. For details check out their website.

26 July 2009

"_______ & The ____" New EP Launches 30/07/09!

Yip, we've got a new EP coming out on Thursday! And if you want to get your hands on one of the limited edition copies of this grand piece of music history (don't know what made me say that, sorry) make sure you get to one of our launch parties happening all around South Africa.

Details and everything at www.andthe.co.za

30 July - Pretoria - Tings & Times

7 August - Grahamstown - The Scout Hall

8 August - Port Elizabeth - Jester's Alternative Club

14 August - Johannesburg - Hilson Park Bowling Club

20 August - Potchefstroom - Picasso's DPK Donderdag

21 August - Bloemfontein - Postponed

28 August - Cape Town - Mercury Live

29 August - Stellenbosch - Klein Libertas Theatre

5 September - Durban - The Willowvale

Remixes! Head To The Side!

Johannesburg-based Anthony Haenen sent us this totally radical flippedy flop of good old Head To The Side. Nice. Check out Anthony's other stuff here and here.

Desmond & The Tutus - Head To The Side (Patcher's Straight Up Mix)

Check out all the other remixes by clicking here, and if you're up for it - download the seps to any Desmond song here.

We'll be releasing the seps to all the songs on our new EP soon, so if you're into that sort of thing, do come back soon. x

08 July 2009

You can be a winner!

Hey check it out, we're almost at 100 000 views on our myspace. Which isn't much if you're Beyonce or Gnarls Barkley, but it's a hell of an achievement if you're us. So, if you happen to be visitor number 100 000 take a screen shot, mail it to us and we'll send you some treats!