22 December 2008

The Day.

End of another great year, thanks all for a fantastic 2008. It's a real privelage to play music and have people listen to it. Thanks for everything. Happy holidays.

Here's a little end of year treat, some pics from one of our very first practices ever. Look at all the littles! (photos: Megan Dinnie)

The Desmonds

29 October 2008


Thank goodness! Some better looking flyers this month!

Here's what we're up to in November: 21st - Picasso's in Potch, 22nd - Mystic Boer in Bloem, 28th - good old 88 in Johannesburg.

22 October 2008

"Kiss You On The Cheek" Released This Week on Tigersushi Records!

So as some of you may know, this French label called Tigersushi is releasing the Kiss You On The Cheek single. They sure are, and the vinyl was released this month along with the insanely awesome King Of Town remix and people all over the world are loving it.

Phonica Record Store in London said this about the record:

"Hands down Desmond & The Tutus is the best band name I've heard in ages and, happily, this single 'Kiss You On The Cheek' is deserving of such a wonderfully monikered creator. It's unashamedly cheesy, sunshiny electronic house indie pop gear - with harmonicas and everything..."

And the nice guys at Tigersushi said this nice thing about us:

"Super friendly guys from Pretoria making African tinged post punk, like the Rapture in Tanzania."

Anyway, you can download the tracks at Beatport. Or order it directly from Tigersushi.

12 September 2008


After an excellent launch tour, we're happy to announce that our very first album is in stores now. So if you're one the lucky 50 million people that live in South African you can head into your nearest Look & Listen store and grab a copy of Tuckshop. But if you're one of those sorry suckers that live elsewere in the world you'll have to wait until it's on itunes or emusic or the pirate bay.

30 July 2008

Remix! Richard III Mixes

Johannesburg-based Richard The Third sent us two great remixes, he totally electrofied our two sweetest, cutest songs!

Desmond & The Tutus - Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer (Richard III Mix)
Desmond & The Tutus - Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend (Richard III Mix)

His mix of Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend will appear on his first full length album, Third World From The Sun. Check Richard out at his Facebook goody, you can listen to some other tracks from his album and maybe tell him that we say hi.

Remix Time! Crazy Rebel (Gaetan Remix)

Straight outta France, electro crunk DJ Gaetan whipped up this massive electrobanger remix of 'Crazy Rebel'.

Desmond & The Tutus - Crazy Rebel (Gaetan Remix)

Go here and remix a Desmond & The Tutus song of your choice. Check out all the remixes by clicking here. Tell Gaetan how awesome you think he is at his myspace.

16 July 2008

Keyboard Rebel Remix & Cover

There are Desmond & The Tutus Kids scattered all over the world, and the latest remix comes from some Manchester natives, our good internets pals, Keyboard Rebel.

They've remixed an old favourite that didn't end up on the album after all.

Desmond & The Tutus - Bup Pah (Keyboard Rebel)

And! As a special little bonus surprise for all you purist Desmond kids, the Rebels threw together this tasty little number - a cover of another classic Desmond & The Tutus track that also didn't make it onto the album.

Keyboard Rebel - Dancing With The DJ's Girlfriend

Here's the nice little story behind how this cover came into being, as told by Mike Bray of Keyboard Rebel.

"Thought you might like this one as well. Just had it through from our sound engineer, he blagged us some extra time when we were in the plush studio he works at, but only on the proviso that we use it to lay down a version of this, his favourite Desmonds song. A couple of hours later sat at a massive piano and a ridiculous old-school organ, voila.."

Why don't you go to Keyboard Rebel's myspace or their record label's website and buy their very nice album? Go there now.

30 June 2008

Peter (Cutout Collective Analogue Vs Digital Mix)

Here's another remix, this one done by Johannesburg bitsy bytesy laptop lads Cutout Collective.

Desmond & The Tutus - Peter (Cutout Collective Analogue Vs Digital Mix)

Tell Cutout Collective how much you love them by clicking here. And make your own remix here.

Kiss You On The Cheek (Cobra Krames Club Mix)

To celebrate the fact that our album's finally done, we've decided it's time to release the hounds. By hounds of course we mean remixes.

If you'll think back a couple months, we posted the seps up for every- and anyone that wanted to add their own little spin to the Desmo jive. So the remixes have been rolling in and we're only posting up the ones that we like; because well, it's our bandwidth and we'll cry if we want to.

Without further adue, here's something cooked up by Cobra Krame$.

Desmond & The Tutus - Kiss You on the Cheep (Cobra Krames Club Mix)

Visit Cobra Krame$ Myspace by clicking here. And click here if you'd like to download the seps to your favourite Desmond & The Tutus song and do your own little remixio.

We'll be posting a new remix every day or two till the launch parties, so bookmark this link and don't miss a single slightly out of time remixed beat.

18 June 2008


Here's an old shirt from a show we did not long ago at Tings n Times. Party on.

29 May 2008

We Hangs the Video on the Blog

Thanks to everyone that came to the smokey little launch party for this video, and thanks to DJ Data Takashi, DJ Sassquatch, DJ Baggy Dogg and the future Mrs DJ Baggy Dogg, DJ No Face for rocking the party with the awesome musics.

If you are one of the sucker fools that missed the epic launch party a) sucks to be you, and b) don't freak out because the video's up on youtube obvs.

And the opening credits start here:

Director: Greg Rom
Director of Photography: Willie Nel
Assistant Director: Sandra Smit
Art Departmentor: Wendy Fredrickson
Art Department Assistant: Kennedy What's His Name
Stylist: Gabrielle De Gersigny
Producer: Alisha Ludick
Editor: Evy Katz

Map & Shoes Designer: Joh Del
Miniature Photography: Ross Garret

Crew: Khyle Smith, Matthew Jankes, Nadia Jankes, Toby Harris, Obrigado Gabriel

Awesomes: Gavin Jersky, Ross Drakes, Donovan Pugh, Katherine Joynt, Angie Batis

So from all of us at Desmond & The Tutus to all of you hard-working little so-and-sos at Humanoid - thank you from the bottom of our little Desmond hearts for a really great video.

And without further ado, we present to you "She Hangs the Pictures on the Wall".

18 April 2008

This is going to be one crazy night.

I couldn't believe my eyes either. Could it be that the legendary Ed Jordan is a Desmond & The Tutus Kid?

10 April 2008

Shirts! Sexy Results.

I call this one "Lots of Gold Mickey Mouses on A Black Shirt".

Check out all the shirts here.

See you on the 18th and 19th. Enjoy yourself.

Of course, the excellent photos were taken by the wonderful Angie Batis.

30 March 2008

April Party Time!

Can I get a woop woop? Why a woop woop I hear you ask? Well because in April, our new friends The Wailing Jimis are coming up from Cape Town to do two shows with us and our other new friends the utterly amazing Attila & The Honeys.

So make sure you're at a show near you that weekend. Friday the 18th at 88 in Norwood, JHB. Saturday the 19th at Tings & Times, PTA. See you and your lonely little itchy feet there.

26 March 2008

Remix Time!

Are you one of those people that sort of enjoys Desmond & The Tutus but secretly wishes we were a flamenco death metal trance fusion band or a Swedish techno rave outfit? Well then, boy have we got news for you!

As you probably know, if you're really as cool as you say you are, our album is coming out soon. And as a sort of a celebration we're posting up the separates for just about every song on the album for you to remix into whatever style of music you secretly wish we played.

So, download the seps to any of the following songs right here right now - do a remix, email it back to us, and you (yes you) could soon be basking in the light of the glory and fame that comes with having your remix posted on a blog that gets an average daily readership of 0.3 people! Hellz yeah!

And now for the separates.

Crazy Rebel
Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer
Bup Pah
Old Girls
Kiss You On The Cheek
Head To The Side
Good & Guilty

Bookmark this link and check back every now and then for any new remixes we'll be posting up.

14 March 2008

Shirts! The Assembly!

The third installment in my ShirtPerShow series for this year, I made this little beauty for our show at the Assembly not so long ago. Iron-on wolf and letters on black Mr Price t-shirt.

Thanks to the beautiful boys at We Are Awesome for the picture. You should be looking at there website.

09 March 2008

Minor Disagreements! Peter! Music Video!

As a lot of you know, us and our best pal band kidofdoom have done a little 2 part mini series combo-music video as part of the Levi's Young Guns showcase we were involved in last year.

So before you go watch the videos, we'd like to give the following people a massive thank you for all the time, effort and energy you guys put in to make these happen: director Leigh Ogilvie and her producer Michelle Kruger at Frieze Films, editor Sakkie Burg and his team at Left and DOP extraordinarie Willie Nel.

Of course, the videos are packed with surprise cameos from the most obscure celebrities from the Johannesburg / Pretoria disco punk scene - see how many you can spot! Fun!

First the kidofdoom video:

And now, the Desmond & The Tutus video:

29 February 2008

27 February 2008

There There Cape Town.

Desmond & the Tutus. Yesterday's Pupil. The Assembly. Awesome.

Stellenbosch, We're Coming!

The Hidden Cellar. New Loud Rockets. Desmond & the Tutus. Saturday 8 March. R30. Enjoy.

18 February 2008


Yo. Here is the shirt I made for our show at Carfax on Friday. Rollerskate and Minnie Mouse patches on black Mr Price t-shirt.

31 January 2008

Busy little bee.

Guess what Shane's making.

24 January 2008

This Just In.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Doug was in the Heat Magazine. And he's dating Amy Winehouse. And he's got a heroin problem. And he's a bad father. And he escaped from rehab. And he has sex parties with Doogie Howser and the kid from the Sixth Sense. And he's engaged to Britney Spears.

22 January 2008

Shirt Per Show!

2008 ain't it great.

Here's what I'm doing this year: making a hand-made shirt for every show we do. So if you care, you can check back after each show and see the amazing shirt that I make.

Enjoy, and if you want - you make your own shirt and I'll post the good ones up here.



Here's my first shirt, made entirely from weird big sequins and fabric glue and a black shirt from Mr Price.