23 December 2009


Yes, we drove all the way to Cape Town to do one gig. Check out our adventure here.

22 December 2009

Nice Big Cape Town Party.

Hey dudes and dudettes, we did a pretty sweet show in Cape Town last weekend at The Assembly. Thanks to all you guys that came out to jive, it made for an excellent last gig of the year.

As usual the dudes from We-Are-Awesome were there being, well, awesome and taking totally sweet pictures. Above are some select moments of photographic genius, click here for the whole album and here for the rest of their stuff.

Tomorrow I'll post some of our own pictures from the weekend.

05 December 2009

Japan Launch!

Here's a little snap from our launch in Japan, unfortunately we weren't able to fly over for the fun, maybe for LP2!

Thanks Flake Records for the release! Thanks all the remixers for putting such a cool little spin on our songs! And thanks all our Japanese pals for enjoying the Tuckshop!

PS: Check out the 80Kidz remix of Kiss You On The Cheek here!

16 November 2009

Our New Penpal:)

So, some fancy pants journalist got in touch with us and said that she was interviewing the man himself, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, could we write him a letter? So we did. And we got a reply, well a reply from his office so it kind of counts! Click on the images to enlarge.

PS: Japan special edition release date: 6 December! Included brand new remixes by 80kidz, A&na, Soccerboy, Love & Hates, Small City and Cubismo Grafico...

14 August 2009

Remixes! Crazy Rebel by The Sound

So another Tuckshop remix found its merry way into our inbox this morning. And low and behold, it might just be one of the best we've had yet. The Sound is from Cape Town, and have done a bunch of awesome remixes for some great local bands like kidofdoom, Fokofpolisiekar and aKing.

We're all suckers for electro remixes, and this is proper dancefloor thumper. Make sure you check out The Sound's other mixes at the MySpace.

Crazy Rebel (The Sound Remix)

UPDATE! The Sound and Codec teamed up on another remix specially for our Cape Town and Stellenbosch EP parties, you guys!

Pictures (CODEC Vs The Sound Remix)

If you're new to our blog, click here to download all the other remixes and if you're a remixer click here to make your own remix!

Keep checking back here, because we'll be putting up some of the remixes of the tracks on our new EP soon.

29 July 2009

Urban Electric! 1 August!

We're playing at Urban Electric this Saturday, crazy nice line up. Be there! We're up at 23:30. For details check out their website.

26 July 2009

"_______ & The ____" New EP Launches 30/07/09!

Yip, we've got a new EP coming out on Thursday! And if you want to get your hands on one of the limited edition copies of this grand piece of music history (don't know what made me say that, sorry) make sure you get to one of our launch parties happening all around South Africa.

Details and everything at www.andthe.co.za

30 July - Pretoria - Tings & Times

7 August - Grahamstown - The Scout Hall

8 August - Port Elizabeth - Jester's Alternative Club

14 August - Johannesburg - Hilson Park Bowling Club

20 August - Potchefstroom - Picasso's DPK Donderdag

21 August - Bloemfontein - Postponed

28 August - Cape Town - Mercury Live

29 August - Stellenbosch - Klein Libertas Theatre

5 September - Durban - The Willowvale

Remixes! Head To The Side!

Johannesburg-based Anthony Haenen sent us this totally radical flippedy flop of good old Head To The Side. Nice. Check out Anthony's other stuff here and here.

Desmond & The Tutus - Head To The Side (Patcher's Straight Up Mix)

Check out all the other remixes by clicking here, and if you're up for it - download the seps to any Desmond song here.

We'll be releasing the seps to all the songs on our new EP soon, so if you're into that sort of thing, do come back soon. x

08 July 2009

You can be a winner!

Hey check it out, we're almost at 100 000 views on our myspace. Which isn't much if you're Beyonce or Gnarls Barkley, but it's a hell of an achievement if you're us. So, if you happen to be visitor number 100 000 take a screen shot, mail it to us and we'll send you some treats!

30 May 2009

New toys. New songs. New practice space.

Pictures! UK Tour

Hey I just uploaded a bunch of picture from our UK tour to our Flickr page, go check them out why don't you!

04 May 2009

Woods Street Party: An Apology

Hi friends.

To everyone that came to check us out at The Woods Street Party on Saturday, thanks a million, it was awesome to see you again.

Please accept our humblest apology for the unprofessional show.

Believe us when we say that we do our very best to put on the best show possible every time we play. So it really breaks our little hearts when we are told that the schedule is running two and half hours late, and that we're not going to get a soundcheck, and that the band before us is playing an hour and a half long set, and that the sound guys are running the power cables straight through the 1000+ crowd, and that we've got to cut our set down to 25 minutes when we had planned to play a bunch of brand new songs.

So again, we're sorry. And we'll make up for it soon. We promise. How does a new EP sound? Soon, my pretties, soon.

In the meantime, here's a video of Adrian Levi to cheer you up.

New merch, new tour, new EP, new everything. Keep your beedy little eyes peeled! x

31 March 2009


So after a long day of googling ourselves (you know that's all we sit around and do) we found out that this guy named our Tuckshop 25th best album of 2008. 'Officially' better than Beck's Modern Guilt and Bloc Party's Intimicy. Hey if it's on the internet it must be true!

25 March 2009

Apricot Jam Remix and J.Gomez goes Deep!

Two more remixes have rolled in, and we got a bit lazy with this blog so it took us a while to upload them but that doesn't mean they're any less deserving of being heard by the 15-odd people that actually visit our blog.

Some friends cooked this crazy little electro number up.

DJ BJ & Jizzylebig - Good & Guilty (Apricot Jam)

And another friend took Kiss You on the Cheek and deepened it up almost beyond recognition, but hey if that's what you're into!

J.Gomez G.Family - Kiss You on the Cheek

Make your own remix by downloading the seps here, or just listen to what everyone else is doing and click here!

24 March 2009

How Overseas Are We?

Yip we're back from our 'world tour' (please note inverted commas) and back to our boring lives. Here are some clips from the glory days.

19 March 2009

Peter 7" Out Now on Every Conversation Records!

So, a little while ago these crazy Japanese guys called us up. Yada yada yada the Peter 7" is now out!

Very limited edition apparently, so if you want one you'd better go here or here and get one before they're all gone!

1. Peter
2. High Fives

And also out now is 'It's Great Not to Care', a compilation by another Tokyo-based label called 'Big Love' and if you want to get your hands on that, click here or here now!

01 February 2009

World, here comes the Des!

Go here for some more details - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=46359757902

20 January 2009

Thank you, Thanks you!

Take a look up there. Pretty isn't she? Thanks to Cath for the baked goods and Angie for taking the photo, now we have a pretty new blog header!

18 January 2009

On a Steel Horse I Ride.

Here's an old demo we recorded a couple years ago, enjoy.

Everyday is Casual Day When You're Bon Jovi