03 October 2006


So if you were at our great party last Thursday thanks for coming. If not, sorry for you! We played with this upcoming metal band called The Crooks - totally radical and Rhinoshirt opened with some pretty acoustic genius.

Here are some pics, as usual - taken by the wonderful Angie Batis.

"Go home and brush my teeth, I want to kiss you on the cheek."

"I'm an emotional wreck!"

"I'm dying inside!"

Charlie of The Privates attempts to out high-five Shane. As if.

Dancing! Dancing! Crazy dancing!

The Crooks and Desmond & The Tutus: Best friends forever!

Craig is the new Nic. Nic is the new Doug.

Doug is the new Shane.

Shane is the new Craig!

See you punks at Sovereign Academy Halloween!

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