09 March 2008

Minor Disagreements! Peter! Music Video!

As a lot of you know, us and our best pal band kidofdoom have done a little 2 part mini series combo-music video as part of the Levi's Young Guns showcase we were involved in last year.

So before you go watch the videos, we'd like to give the following people a massive thank you for all the time, effort and energy you guys put in to make these happen: director Leigh Ogilvie and her producer Michelle Kruger at Frieze Films, editor Sakkie Burg and his team at Left and DOP extraordinarie Willie Nel.

Of course, the videos are packed with surprise cameos from the most obscure celebrities from the Johannesburg / Pretoria disco punk scene - see how many you can spot! Fun!

First the kidofdoom video:

And now, the Desmond & The Tutus video:

1 comment:

  1. That's pretty cool. I really love minor disagreements. Good to see you guys have gotten a music video done that does you justice!