29 May 2008

We Hangs the Video on the Blog

Thanks to everyone that came to the smokey little launch party for this video, and thanks to DJ Data Takashi, DJ Sassquatch, DJ Baggy Dogg and the future Mrs DJ Baggy Dogg, DJ No Face for rocking the party with the awesome musics.

If you are one of the sucker fools that missed the epic launch party a) sucks to be you, and b) don't freak out because the video's up on youtube obvs.

And the opening credits start here:

Director: Greg Rom
Director of Photography: Willie Nel
Assistant Director: Sandra Smit
Art Departmentor: Wendy Fredrickson
Art Department Assistant: Kennedy What's His Name
Stylist: Gabrielle De Gersigny
Producer: Alisha Ludick
Editor: Evy Katz

Map & Shoes Designer: Joh Del
Miniature Photography: Ross Garret

Crew: Khyle Smith, Matthew Jankes, Nadia Jankes, Toby Harris, Obrigado Gabriel

Awesomes: Gavin Jersky, Ross Drakes, Donovan Pugh, Katherine Joynt, Angie Batis

So from all of us at Desmond & The Tutus to all of you hard-working little so-and-sos at Humanoid - thank you from the bottom of our little Desmond hearts for a really great video.

And without further ado, we present to you "She Hangs the Pictures on the Wall".


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