14 August 2009

Remixes! Crazy Rebel by The Sound

So another Tuckshop remix found its merry way into our inbox this morning. And low and behold, it might just be one of the best we've had yet. The Sound is from Cape Town, and have done a bunch of awesome remixes for some great local bands like kidofdoom, Fokofpolisiekar and aKing.

We're all suckers for electro remixes, and this is proper dancefloor thumper. Make sure you check out The Sound's other mixes at the MySpace.

Crazy Rebel (The Sound Remix)

UPDATE! The Sound and Codec teamed up on another remix specially for our Cape Town and Stellenbosch EP parties, you guys!

Pictures (CODEC Vs The Sound Remix)

If you're new to our blog, click here to download all the other remixes and if you're a remixer click here to make your own remix!

Keep checking back here, because we'll be putting up some of the remixes of the tracks on our new EP soon.

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