22 October 2008

"Kiss You On The Cheek" Released This Week on Tigersushi Records!

So as some of you may know, this French label called Tigersushi is releasing the Kiss You On The Cheek single. They sure are, and the vinyl was released this month along with the insanely awesome King Of Town remix and people all over the world are loving it.

Phonica Record Store in London said this about the record:

"Hands down Desmond & The Tutus is the best band name I've heard in ages and, happily, this single 'Kiss You On The Cheek' is deserving of such a wonderfully monikered creator. It's unashamedly cheesy, sunshiny electronic house indie pop gear - with harmonicas and everything..."

And the nice guys at Tigersushi said this nice thing about us:

"Super friendly guys from Pretoria making African tinged post punk, like the Rapture in Tanzania."

Anyway, you can download the tracks at Beatport. Or order it directly from Tigersushi.

1 comment:

  1. oh wowie! that's great!
    i do love that song so, reminds me when you guys played at the woodstock swimming pool.