06 April 2006

Post Rock 'n Roll Trauma.

So Nile went pretty well. There was a lot of rocking going on, a lot of dancing, and a lot of other stuff. Like singing along and clapping. Not to mention Craig stepping out from behind the drums to join us for a dance solo in the front.

There were some other bands playing too. Bands that no one should ever have to hear. They were so unhappy, and angry. Maybe it's because their moms shouted at them for not tidying up their rooms before they went to rock. I think their name was 'The Death Jockeys Of Murder Kill Hatred'. Try to avoid them.

There are some photo's that I'll add later. Sarah took them with a disposable camera. Wow. Old school. Thanks for coming to watch us if you were there, means a lot to all of us.

We're playing The Blues Room again on the 19th April. Try and come if you're around.

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