28 May 2006

Live @ The Wrong Party!

Yes! It's the funnest dance party that you'll ever go to! It's The Wrong Party! And you will have a good time or you will die.

So, you want to come and dance and have the most fun you'll ever have in your life? But you don't know where the blazes 88 is? Well you've come to the right place. From Pretoria: M1 towards Jo'burg, Corlett Drive Offramp and turn LEFT into Corlett Drive, RIGHT into Louise Botha, RIGHT into Louie Rd which becomes Ivy Rd, LEFT into Grant Ave. 88 is on the corner of William & Grant.

Let's Rock 'n Roll.

You came. We came. You danced. We danced. You smiled. We smiled. And it was rad. Thanks to everyone that made it to The Wrong Party, here are some pics if anyone cares. There'll be others and they'll be in better venues, I swear. Smell you later...

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