02 May 2006

Live @ The Bohemian!

From PRETORIA: Take the M1 towards Jo'burg, take the ST ANDREWS turnoff and turn RIGHT. Turn LEFT at the traffic lights and RIGHT into EMPIRE ROAD, then RIGHT into MENTON ROAD, LEFT into PARK ROAD. The Bohemian is on your left.

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  1. shane, jax here, we met briefly at that moonlight cinema gig. how much is entrance at the bohemian? thinking of introducing a few of my friends to the awesomeness of your band...my old band played the bohemian in 2001 (really) in this massive scam, where we had to pay money to play there and were made to believe there would be all these record company people there, and thinking the venue was much cooler than it is. don't know if you've been there...anyways, we were 18. collectively. no wait, on average. I really like your in 26 years time blog also. check out www.flippinghell.co.za sometime and theotherness blog...