31 October 2007


UPDATE - You can now buy these and more amazing Desmond shirts off our brilliant little Zazzle store. How web 2.0 are we?

Okay jollers, the moment you have all been waiting for. A bunch of new Desmond shirts.

They are R150 each including postage and packaging and love and it'll take a day or two to get to you.

We've got smalls and mediums in everything. No larges or XXLs or XXXLs or XXXXXXXLs (sorry Barry Ronge).

Hurry up and order before you're sad and disappointed and shirtless.

Click here to email through your order.

Also, feel free to peruse our extensive merchandise catalog for all the Desmond & The Tutus products on the market.

PS: Gina why are you so nice?

PPS: If you like the necklace Gina is wearing, you can get it from here.

1 comment:

  1. are the t shirts shiny? i can't tell from the photographs. can boys wear them or are they too shiny for boys? i cant tell.